My Favourite Designers: Henry Holland

This week, my featured favourite designer is English designers Henry Holland. A graduate from London College of Communication, Henry gained attention from his collection of his bold 80s style t-shirts with fun phrases and quotes before starting his own fashion label House of Holland in 2008. Have a look below at some of my favourite House

Featured Illustrator: Laura Callaghan

This weeks featured illustrator is Laura Callaghan. I love her fun, bold and colourful illustrations. Laura has a unique and individual take on fashion illustration, creating interesting scenes and backdrops for her illustrated women.  See more about her, and examples of her work below. Name: Laura Callaghan Nationality: Irish  Website: Instagram: @lauracallaghanillustration Twitter: @lauramcallaghan

Useful Websites for Fashion Design Students

One of the best things to do whilst you’re studying is to create a library of great resources you can alway dip into when you need inspiration, or certain tools that are useful for your craft. There are hundreds of great online resources out there for creatives to use, but I’ve compiled a few of

Style Inspiration: Gigi Hadid

I don’t know if I agree with the idea of having only one set style. I like the idea of being able to change your look everyday depending on your mood. I definitely believe that style evolves and changes over time depending on what stage of life you’re in. For me, I’ve noticed that my style has

Finding your own Fashion Illustration Style

Hey Guys, So today I thought I’d share with you my tips on how to find your own fashion illustration style. As a fashion design student I know how important it is to develop your own style of drawing to communicate your final design ideas. This is something that I have struggled with for a

My Favourite Curly Hair Products 2016

Hey Guys, Today I thought I’d share with you guys some of my favourite curly hair products. I have naturally curly hair, although I only started wearing my hair out curly when I was about 14, alternating between straightening my hair and leaving it curly. This meant my hair wasn’t really that healthy as I was

My Favourite Designers: Ashley Williams

This week, my featured favourite designer is Ashley Williams. I first discovered Ashley Williams as a designer when Rita Ora wore one of her designs to to Capital FM Summertime Ball back in 2012. I really love Ashley Williams fun and graphic prints. Have a look below for some images of her work, to see more of her work

Get To Know Me!

Hey Guys, So today I thought it’d be nice for me to share with you all a few more details about me. I found this set of questions on a few blogs and I thought it’d be a nice way for me to open up a bit more. Do you have a middle name?

Favourites from London Collections Mens 2016

With LCM June 2016 ending this past Monday, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites from the collections this season. Although I’m more of a womenswear designer, I actually loved loads of the menswear I saw from LCM16 this year. I have to say my overall favourite collection was from Sibling, the

My Curly Hair Inspirations

One of my favourite things about being a ‘Curly Girl’ is the amazing community of fellow ‘Curlies’ that you can find online. I’m always looking for hair inspiration and great curly hair tips, and through my searches I have found a few great inspirations from hairdressers to curly hair bloggers, here are some of my favourites. #1