Fashion Design Student Toolkit

If you’re starting a fashion design course soon, you may be wondering what equipment you’ll need to get started. Most universities or colleges will provide you with some equipment like sewing machines, pattern paper and some thread, but you’ll need to bring most of your own equipment. I’ve put together a list of basic equipment

Fabric & Haberdashery Shops in London

Below is my updated list of all that fabric and haberdashery shops that I’ve found in London. I’ve tried to include shops for all tastes and budgets. CENTRAL LONDON Shops in Central London tend to be on the pricier side, as you would expect, but you can find some beautiful, unique and high-quality fabrics and

Choosing the right University

Deciding to go to University is a huge decision, so you want to make sure that you’re choosing the right University and degree course for you. University is not only a big expense, but it’s also a big investment of your time, so it’s important to do your research before sending off your applications. I’ve

Art Supply Shops in London

As an art & design student you’ll constantly be needing art supplies to work on your projects. I’ve put together a list of art supply shops in London that I’ve come accross that could be useful to you. Don’t worry, if you’re not studying in the London area, most of these shops allow you to

Money Saving Tips for Fashion Design Students

Studying fashion design is a very expensive business! So I’ve put together a few money saving tips for anyone already studying fashion design, or any of you who are planning on studying fashion design in the future! #1 – Set yourself a budget At the beginning of every academic year, or at the beginning of every project,

Time Management Tips for Fashion Students

One of the most important things I’ve learned from studying a fashion degree is the importance of time-management. The majority of fashion students that I’ve met say that time-management is their weakest skill and is the most important skill you can have when studying a design course. Even if you have the most amazing design,

When University Doesn’t Go As Planned…

Starting University is exciting. Meeting new people, learning new things and possibly moving to a new place. But sometimes it just doesn’t go as you expected. I first started University in 2014, excited and ready to take the first step towards my dream career. However, as I got into my first term studying fashion design, I

Should I go to University?

During the period of time when you’re studying for your GCSE’s and A-Levels, there’s a lot of pressure from parents, teachers and even friends that you should go to university. University is a great place to expand your mind, learn new things and meet new people. But, going to university is not for everybody. There are

Dealing with Creative Block

Every creative person will have had some experience with creative block at some point. There will be times when you feel really motivated and inspired, but then there will be other times when inspiration doesn’t come as easy. But when you have a deadline to work towards, having creative block can be very annoying and stressful. I’ve

Maintaining a Study/Life Balance

Studying at University can be really stressful. Juggling coursework, deadlines, family commitments, having somewhat of a social life and possibly a part-time job is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. If you’re studying a creative design course, it is especially difficult to get the balance right between doing coursework and actually living your life! However, you’ll