Career Advice

One of the things I struggled with when I was going through ‘the process’ from school to college and then to uni was getting ‘real’ advice. Yes, I got all the leaflets and attended all the school/college careers fairs, which were really useful, but I wished I got to hear more advice & information from

Staying Creative During Summer

After a stressful academic year, the temptation for every student is to Netflix and sleep your way to September when it starts all over again! And although you should definitely give yourself a well-deserved break, you should also find time over summer to keep practicing your skills and staying creative so that it’s not too

Finding a Summer Work Placement

With summer break just around the corner (or already started for some!), I’m sure the majority of students nationwide are dreaming of two to three months of no deadlines, no alarm clocks, and no coursework (WOOHOO!). However, as well as catching up on sleep, some students may also be looking for a great experience to add

Creative Events in London this Summer 2017

With the summer academic term coming to an end, and summer break just beginning, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my annual list of events for you guys to visit this summer! Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion Victoria & Albert Museum, Kensington 27th May 2017 – 18th Feb 2018 Find out more The

CV Writing Tips for Fashion Students

Whilst you’re studying, it’s a good idea to have a CV made up as a working document. Throughout your course, you can keep a record of your achievements and experiences by updating your CV as you go along. This is really useful for when you’re looking to start applying for work placements and internships during

Graduate Fashion Week 2017

Graduate Fashion Week 2017 came to an end on Wednesday 7th June with Halina North from Edinburgh College of Art announced the Gold Award winner. Congratulations to her! Read more about the GFW17 winners here. Thanks to the amazing team at FAD (@fadcharity), I was able to attend a few shows during Graduate Fashion Week

Useful Websites for Fashion Design Students

One of the best things to do whilst you’re studying is to create a library of great resources you can alway dip into when you need inspiration, or certain tools that are useful for your craft. There are hundreds of great online resources out there for creatives to use, but I’ve compiled a few of

Finding your own Fashion Illustration Style

Hey Guys, So today I thought I’d share with you my tips on how to find your own fashion illustration style. As a fashion design student I know how important it is to develop your own style of drawing to communicate your final design ideas. This is something that I have struggled with for a

How I use my Tizz Tazz Bag

Hey Guys, If you’ve been following me on social media recently, you would have seen that I’ve just opened my Etsy shop selling handmade Tizz Tazz bags!! So in celebration of this, I thought I write a post sharing some of the ways that I use my Tizz Tazz bags. As a cosmetics bag: Tizz

Style Inspiration: Kendall & Kylie Jenner

Last time, I featured Gigi Hadid as one of my style inspirations. This week, I’m featuring sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. These girls both have very different styles, but I love different aspects of each. I would say that my style is closer to Kendall’s, as she seems to go for a more minimal, classic style.