What I learnt in my first year at University

As some of you may or may not know, I am studying Fashion Design at University in London and I have just completed my first year! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by and that this time next year I will be preparing for my final year at University. The first year of University was

Fabric & Haberdashery Shops in London

Hey guys, I really wanted to share with you all the fabric and haberdashery shops that I’ve found in London throughout my sewing years. I have tried to include shops for all tastes and budgets, so I hope you find this list useful! CENTRAL LONDON Shops in Central London tend to be on the pricier

Fashion Jobs: Interview with Creative Director Chloe Hope King

This week I am interviewing Creative Director Chloe Hope King. Another very inspirational woman, and professional in the fashion industry, Chloe has started her own business and on asking her what her job title was her answer was ‘When starting your own company you actually end up wearing a lot of hats (so to speak)

Fashion Jobs: Interview with Design Consultant Louise Ibak

This week, I am interviewing Louise Ibak, a design consultant who started her own business after working in that fashion industry as a designer for many years. She has a lot of great advice to share, so read on to find out more about her and her career path! PROFILE Name: Louise Ibak Job Title:

Fashion Jobs: Interview with Digital PR Director Elle Hankinson

If you love the idea of working in fashion, but don’t enjoy the practical side of fashion design, you might want to consider a career in fashion PR. PR, or public relations is all about helping brands get exposure for their products. PR is a lot more subtle than advertising, as they focus more on

Interview with Fashion Illustrator Vlada Yershova

This week we have the amazing illustrator Vlada Yershova in the Tizz Tazz Spotlight. Keep reading to find out more about what inspires Vlada and her work. PROFILE Name: Vlada Yershova Age: 22 Nationality: Russian Based in: Russia   Q – Describe your illustration style. My drawing style varies from time to time. It depends on theme,

Interview with Fashion Illustrator Alison Hansen

This week we have Alison Hansen in the Tizz Tazz Spotlight! I love her colourful illustrations and I hope you are all inspired by her journey to where she is today PROFILE Name: Alison Hansen Nationality: British Based in: Warwickshire Q – Describe your illustration style. Fluid, with lots of movement, colourful, vibrant, energetic Q –

Interview with Fashion Illustrator Tracy Turnbull

This week we have talented fashion illustrator Tracy Turnbull in the Tizz Tazz Spotlight – I love Tracy’s fun and colourful illustrations! Keep on reading to find out more about her work and what inspires her. PROFILE Name: Tracy Turnbull Age: I’m in my 40’s (ssshhhh dont tell anyone!) Nationality: British Based in: Newcastle upon Tyne, England   Q –

Fashion Events in London this Summer

I thought it was a good time to update you all on some of the upcoming fashion events happening this Spring/Summer 2015! I hope you guys have a chance to go to some of the great exhibitions and festivals happening in London this year. Here are some that I found that could be of interest

Interview with Fashion Illustrator Joseph Larkowsky

This week we have talented fashion illustrator Joseph Larkowsky in the Tizz Tazz Spotlight. Joseph’s bold and beautiful illustrations are so unique which is why I love them so much! Find out more about Joseph and his work below. PROFILE Name: Joseph Larkowsky Age: 23 Nationality: British Based in: London Q – Describe your illustration style. Refined