Fashion Jobs: Interview with Creative Pattern Cutter Johanna Greenish

This week we have an interview with Creative Pattern Cutter Johanna Greenish. Pattern Cutters are responsible for taking ideas and bringing them to life in the form of garments! Pattern Cutters are in high demand in the fashion industry, as some designers are often great at coming up with ideas for designs, but don’t know

Interview with Fashion Illustrator Hannah West

Fashion Illustrator Hannah West is in the Tizz Tazz Spotlight this week. I absolutely love her illustrations, I just think they’re so fun and have so much character! Read on to find out more about her inspiration and her advice for aspiring illustrators. PROFILE Name: Hannah West Age: 22 Nationality: British Based in: London, UK Q –

Fashion Jobs: Interview with Stylist Jessica Mae

The role of the Stylist has become increasingly desirable in recent years. Being a Stylist requires you to work with clients to find the right look for them. They can be working on magazine shoots, advertising campaigns, television shows and also for individuals. The job of a Stylist allows you to put your love of fashion and

Book Review: Creative Fashion Illustration by Stuart McKenzie

A few months ago, I attended at Fashion Illustration workshop at the V&A, where I was lucky enough to meet and be taught by fashion illustrator Stuart McKenzie. It was a great & inspirational class – you can read more about it here! A month or so after the class, Stuart invited me to come to

Fashion Jobs: Interview with Craig Dickinson from Ralph Lauren

Our first interview in the Fashion Jobs series is with Craig Dickinson, who works at Ralph Lauren. Read on to find out more about what Craig does and his journey to where he is today. PROFILE Name: Craig Dickinson  Job Title: Create Your Own Coordinator at Ralph Lauren Favourite Artist/Designer: Giuliano Fujiwara (Designer) & Mark Rothko

Interview with Fashion Illustrator Marta Efremova

This week in the Tizz Tazz Spotlight is talented illustrator Marta Efremova. I love Marta’s fun and colourful illustration style! Learn more about her work, and her journey to where she is today below. PROFILE Name: Marta Efremova Age: Depends on what day it is. Some days I’m 10, others I’m 70 but every once in a

Jobs in the Fashion Industry

Fashion is a huge industry in the UK, it is worth £26 billion to the UK economy and is estimated to support 797,000 jobs. So it is obvious that there are many of fashion related jobs available to anyone interested. However, it is sometimes hard to know what area of the fashion industry to go into, which is

Interview with Fashion Illustrator Georgie St Clair

This week in the Tizz Tazz Spotlight is fashion illustrator Georgie St Clair. Georgie creates beautiful and elegant illustrations that I absolutely love! Read further to see more of her work, and learn about her journey to where she is today. PROFILE Name: Georgie St Clair Age: 37 Nationality: British Based in: Brighton, UK Q –

Interview with Graphic Artist & Designer Emma Shipley

This week in the Tizz Tazz Spotlight I have something a little different for you all. I was lucky enough to interview Graphic Artist and Designer Emma Shipley after I met her at London Fashion Weekend in September. I fell in love with her beautiful luxurious scarfs and thought it would be great to learn

Alternatives to University

Hey Guys, I thought today I would look at the different options that you have when it comes to leaving College or Sixth Form. A lot of emphasis is placed on going to University and getting a degree, but the truth is, University isn’t suitable for everyone! Some people may not be great at writing