Dealing with Creative Block

Every creative person will have had some experience with creative block at some point. There will be times when you feel really motivated and inspired, but then there will be other times when inspiration doesn’t come as easy. But when you have a deadline to work towards, having creative block can be very annoying and stressful.

I’ve put together a few tips that may help you if you need to overcome your creative block:

#1 – Take a break

Sometimes creative block is a consequence of being under too much stress and putting too much pressure on yourself. If you’ve been working really hard on your projects, and haven’t given yourself enough time to take regular breaks, you may find yourself dealing with creative block. The best thing to do in these situations is to take a step back from your project(s) and take a break. Relax by yourself, take a nap, meditate, watch a movie, read a book, or meet with friends. Do anything that helps you to relax and takes your mind off your project. After doing this, you can come back to your project with fresh eyes and hopefully, you’ll feel more motivated and inspired with lots of new ideas.

take a break

#2 – Exercise

Another way to get your mind off your project is to do some exercise. This allows you to take your mind off your project and also do something for yourself and your health. This might just be taking a walk around your neighbourhood, or could be heading out to the gym for a full-on workout, whatever works best for you. There have been studies that show that regular exercise helps boost creativity, read more about it here.

#3 – Visit a museum or gallery

A great way to get inspired is by looking at the work of others. Visit a museum or gallery that has an exhibit related to your project, you might find the missing link that you’ve been looking for to push your own project forward. You may even choose to visit a museum or gallery that has nothing to do with your project, it just has work that you really like by artists and designers that you really admire. This can motivate you to push on with your own project and can offer you a source of extra inspiration.


#4 – Get a new perspective

Sometimes, when you’ve been working on something for a really long time, you start to question what you’re doing, just because you’ve been looking at it for too long. A tip that I learned from a tutor a few years ago is to look at your work in a different way. This may be looking at it upside down, at an angle, or looking at its reflection in a mirror. This is particularly useful when it comes to drawing and illustrating. By looking at your work in a new way, you may start to get new ideas.

#5 – Draw anything!

Your creative block may be the result of overthinking. If you’re starting a new project, it can sometimes be hard to make that first mark on an empty, blank page. Try just drawing anything that comes to your mind, scribbling or doodling without thinking. This helps to eliminate that fear of making a mistake on a new page and also loosens you up before you start drawing.


I hope this gave you some ideas of how you can overcome creative block when it creeps up on you! I’d love to hear your solutions to creative block and how you deal with it, tweet me @tizz_tazz to share your experiences.


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