Fashion Design Student Toolkit

If you’re starting a fashion design course soon, you may be wondering what equipment you’ll need to get started. Most universities or colleges will provide you with some equipment like sewing machines, pattern paper and some thread, but you’ll need to bring most of your own equipment.

I’ve put together a list of basic equipment every fashion design student will need when they start a fashion course. As you progress through your course, you will start to build up a collection of materials that you prefer to work with, but this list is a good place to start.


Drawing Toolkit

Drawing Equipment:

  1. Cartridge paper (A4/A3/A2)
  2. Layout paper (A4/A3)
  3. Fineliner pens
  4. Coloured marker pens
  5. Glue stick
  6. Chalk pastels
  7. Coloured pencils
  8. Coloured inks
  9. Paintbrushes in different sizes
  10. Sketchbook (A4/A3)
  11. Notebook
  12. Range of soft leaded pencils
  13. Masking tape
  14. Watercolour paints
  15. Cutting mat
  16. Craft knife

Not pictured:

  • 30cm ruler
  • Magic tape

Sewing Toolkit

Sewing equipment: 

  1. Fabric scissors
  2. Set square
  3. Tailors chalk
  4. Paper scissors
  5. Patternmaster
  6. Mechanical pencils
  7. Pattern notcher
  8. Clickers awl
  9. Eraser
  10. Embroidery scissors
  11. Thimble
  12. Dressmakers pins
  13. Hand-sewing needles

Not pictured:

  • Tracing wheel
  • Metre ruler
  • Quick unpick
  • French curve
  • Threads


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