How I use my Tizz Tazz Bag

Hey Guys,

If you’ve been following me on social media recently, you would have seen that I’ve just opened my Etsy shop selling handmade Tizz Tazz bags!!

So in celebration of this, I thought I write a post sharing some of the ways that I use my Tizz Tazz bags.


As a cosmetics bag:

Tizz Tazz bags are a great size for keeping all your cosmetics together. I love to keep all the cosmetics that I carry around with me in a smaller cosmetic bag inside my handbag so that I can access them quickly and easily!


As a sewing bag:

This size bag is also amazing to keep all your sewing equipment in if you’re a fashion student (like myself!) or seamstress. I keep my threads, measuring tape, embroidery scissor and whatever else I may need at the sewing machine all safe in my Tizz Tazz bag so that I can carry them around with me easily in the studio.


As a pencil case:

Tizz Tazz bags are also great as pencil cases! Great to keep all your design materials together, ready for some creative sketchbook work.

There are loads of different uses for small zippered pouches like these, and you can really use them in any way you like! Let me know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook other ideas for uses of Tizz Tazz bags!


See the TizzTazzStudio store here

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