How to Promote Yourself

As a creative student, it is important to find ways of standing out in a very competitive job market. One way you can achieve this is by promoting yourself and your work throughout your studies. Doing this can prove useful when you’re looking for a work placement, internship, or even a job when you graduate, as you’ll have a really strong and professional online presence. I’ve put together a few ideas of ways you can promote yourself throughout your studies.

#1 – Website or Blog

This is a great way to creatively share your work. You can design or find a website template that reflects your style, and share your work and personal experiences on your own website. It can look even more professional if you are able to buy your own website domain. This is an option that may be more suitable at the end of your second year or in your third year as it is an investment that may be more useful to you when you are about to graduate and are looking for your first job.

Below are some websites that are great for creating a blog or website:

How to promote yourself

#2 – Artsthread

Artsthread is a website that allows you to sign up and upload your portfolio(s) of work. It’s a great place to upload your work as it’s a global network of creative students, graduates, institutions and brands. They have a large database of creative brands looking for new graduates, interns, and freelancers, so there are lots of opportunities to be discovered. Artsthread also have information on current design grants, competitions, internships, and exhibitions. It’s also a great place to look at other students work to be inspired, and see what your peers are up to.

#3 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business and employment focused social networking site. I advise creating an account, using a professional image of yourself, with all the information that you would find on your CV. This includes your education history, job history, achievements, volunteering experience, and skills. You can then use your profile to network with professionals in the creative industry, and stay connected with your peers and people you’ve worked with.

How to promote yourself

#4 – Instagram

You can use any form of social media to promote yourself and your work in a professional manner, but as a creative with lots of visual work to share, I find that Instagram is the best social media option. It allows you to easily post images of your university work, and anything else that you work on outside of your university course. I recommend keeping your professional and personal social media accounts separate to ensure you appear professional to any future employers or clients. Instagram is another way you can network with your peers and professionals in the creative industries. Try following brands that you would like to work for in the future, as they sometimes post internship and job opportunities on their social media accounts.


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