Staying Creative During Summer

After a stressful academic year, the temptation for every student is to Netflix and sleep your way to September when it starts all over again! And although you should definitely give yourself a well-deserved break, you should also find time over summer to keep practicing your skills and staying creative so that it’s not too much of a shock when you get back to it in the new academic year.

I’ve put together a few ideas of things to do during the summer break to stay creative:

#1 – Visit galleries, museums, and exhibitions 

There are so many great galleries, museums, and exhibitions to visit to see other artist’s work and things that may inspire you for next year. If you’re going on holiday, find out if there are any galleries or museums near where you are staying and visit places in other countries to inspire you!

If you live in London or are planning to visit London this summer (2017), have a look at the list of creative events that I put together a few weeks ago to see if there is anything that you might be interested in.

#2 – Go to craft fairs

There are so many talented artists, designers, and makers out there selling their work. Show some support and be inspired by their grind. You may decide to sell your own work whilst at Uni, or when you graduate so it’s a good opportunity to see what running your own creative business is all about too.

Research online to see if there any good craft fairs in your area.

Some good craft fairs/markets that I’ve come across are:

#3 – Do a short course

Learn something new this summer! It doesn’t have to be exactly related to what you’re studying, it could just be something that you’ve always wanted to learn. I recently did a short Photography course, it isn’t directly linked to fashion, but it’s really helped be learn tips on how best to photograph my fashion degree work!

Research into your local colleges or universities to see if they offer any short courses that are affordable. If you have a slightly larger budget UAL offer loads of short creative courses that may be worth looking into.

#4 – Keep a sketchbook/journal

Buy or make a summer sketchbook to practice your drawing, designing and/or painting skills. Set yourself a project, or loads of small projects. Challenge yourself to take a photo each day of your summer and stick it in. Just have fun with it – there are no rules!

Let me know what other things you do to stay creative over on Twitter – @tizz_tazz

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