Time Management Tips for Fashion Students

One of the most important things I’ve learned from studying a fashion degree is the importance of time-management. The majority of fashion students that I’ve met say that time-management is their weakest skill and is the most important skill you can have when studying a design course.

Even if you have the most amazing design, sewing, and drawing skills, if you don’t have good time-management you will find yourself struggling on a fashion course to get everything finished in time for hand-in. So I’ve put together a few of my favourite time management tips that I hope you will all find useful!

#1 – Know your deadlines!

I know this one sounds pretty obvious, but it’s quite easy to forget the exact date and time of your deadline once you get started on a project. Ensure to read your project brief to find out the date, time and location of your project hand-in so you know exactly what you’re working towards.


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#2 – Use lists

I love keeping lists! I find it useful to write regular to-do lists (daily or weekly) to keep a physical note of all the tasks that I need to complete. The thing that I love most about keeping lists is being able to scribble through the tasks that I have completed, this gives me a sense of achievement once I’ve finished a task!

However, one thing I must say about lists is that they can become too long, so make sure you’re reviewing a re-writing your to-do lists regularly so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

If you don’t like the idea of writing out a list every day, keep your list on your phone. You could use a Notes or Reminders app, or have a look on App stores for any other great list-making apps.

Another great trick that I’ve learned is having a list of only 3 important tasks a day that gets you closer to your goal. Keep your tasks manageable for the time that you have. Completing all 3 small tasks every day helps you to feel a sense of achievement each day, and gets you closer to your overall goal.

#3 – Prioritize!

It is really important to prioritize your tasks once you know what you need to do. There’s no point finishing something that’s due in 5 months time when you have an essay due tomorrow!  So try and put a date to your tasks, and ask yourself what needs to be done first.

#4 – Be realistic

When writing out your to-do list, or prioritizing your tasks, try to be realistic with it. Think about what you can actually get done in a day or a week. If possible, plan in more time than is actually needed for each task to ensure that you have some breathing space if something goes wrong. If you’re are realistic, you are less likely to be disappointed with a big section of your to-do list that didn’t get crossed off.


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#5 – Stay organized

Keep your work area clean and organized so when it comes to starting your work, you don’t have to spend half the time clearing up. Also, make sure that all your sewing and drawing equipment is kept together in a bag or pencil case so that you can find everything when you need it.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful! I would love if you shared your time-management tips with me and other fashion students on Twitter, tweet me @tizz_tazz.



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