Useful Websites for Fashion Design Students

One of the best things to do whilst you’re studying is to create a library of great resources you can alway dip into when you need inspiration, or certain tools that are useful for your craft. There are hundreds of great online resources out there for creatives to use, but I’ve compiled a few of my favourite websites that I always find myself going back to as a fashion design student.

#1 – Show Studio

I personally love to use this website to look at their Fashion Illustration collections as they feature really talented illustrators on their site.

#2 – Vogue Runway

The best resource for looking at designers latest collections, and also looking back at past collections. I love discovering new designers I’ve never heard of using this site and I think this is a crucial resource for any fashion design student.

#3 – ArtsThread

A great website with a huge collection of creative student portfolios ranging from Fashion and Textiles to Fine Art and Ceramics. I find it really inspiring to look at other students portfolios.

#4 – Fashion Workie

This is an amazing resource to find fashion related jobs and internships that not only covers fashion design jobs, but also jobs/internships in fashion marketing, retail, buying etc.

#5 – Pinterest

You all probably know this website well already, but I find Pinterest a really great starting point for any project to find some visual inspiration for any theme or concept you may be looking at. It also great to collect images of great catwalk images and fashion illustrations to be inspired by.

#6 – The Cutting Class

An AMAZING blog that analyses catwalk shows and designer’s collections in terms of construction and pattern cutting. It’s really useful to look for way that designers use construction techniques, such as darts and seams, as part of their designs. They also have a great book ‘How Patterns Work’ which is also worth picking up.

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  1. Zulmira says:

    This is so useful for us fashion design students!!!
    Thank you for your effets so much!!!

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